Happy Easter everyone! Join Adam and Aaron once again as we recap the highlights from the past week’s comic book news. This week we touch on Emerald City Comiccon, the nominees for the 2012 Eisner Awards, Mark Waid and the math behind publishing print comics and whether or not it’s a good thing when comic books sell out before arriving on store shelves.

00:34 - Emerald City Comiccon 2012 Announcements
00:44 - ECCC: Dark Horse Prepares ‘Fear Agent’ Hardcover Collection
02:16 - ECCC: DC Comics Cancels ‘iZombie’
03:30 - ECCC: Image Comics’ New Titles Announced
04:54 - ECCC: Boom! Studios/’Supurbia’ Now Ongoing Series
05:50 - Atomic Robo Eisner Nomination
06:56 - ‘Daredevil’ Eisner Nomination
07:40 - Scott Pilgrim to be re-issued as full-color hardcover
09:00 - Mark Waid Breaks Down the Math Behind Print Publishing
13:15 - Comics That Sell Out: Good or Bad for Business?
18:17 - Facebook Contest! Marvel Holding Early Screenings For ‘The Avengers’

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