Scarlett Johansson puts Extra’s interviewer in his place after he asks: Were you able to wear undergarments [under your suit]?

Scarlett #1

Actresses are asked such INANE, bs, “sexy” questions by male interviewers, thank god she actually calls them out

I love how Jeremy is just cracking up the entire time.

His face in the first one.  It’s just so… “Oh god, you are in for it now.  I’m just gonna look at my hands while she tears you open.”

My love for Scarlett Johansson just went through the stratosphere.

There is nothing not awesome about this, because not only does she say things that should be said often and more loudly, but Renner’s reaction gives it another layer of win. ScarJo is sick of this shit, and Renner knows you’re really gonna get it now.

You can almost see the words “for fuck’s sake” pop across her face. I bet her and Jeremy had a bet on about if they’d ask her something stupid like that.


god I was just having a conversation about bullshit interview questions today so this is timely

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