Marvel’s Merc with a Mouth stands ready for action in the Deadpool Premium Format Figure from Sideshow Collectibles. Unmistakable in his trademark red and black costume, fully sculpted, the glib master assassin is girded for combat with weapons for any occasion. A scaled-down assault rifle and automatic pistol are gripped in his fists. And should the fighting get close and personal, twin katanas are ready at his back. A deadly dagger rests in a leather sheath at one hip, and who knows what surprises are contained in those leather pouches on his belt? Standing at 20 inches in overall height on a base ringed with bullets, the Deadpool Premium Format Figure will make a lasting impression on any collection.

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“The Walking Dead” co-creator Tony Moore took a unique opportunity and drafted two separate letters of apologies to those in his life (both personally and professionally) for any bridges he may have burned. Tony has most recently contributed to Marvel’s most recent launch of Deadpool, under the Marvel NOW! banner, and has also gone through a great deal of legal matters revolving around “The Walking Dead” and his relationship with Robert Kirkman.

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