New Cinematic Trailer Released For ‘The Avengers: Battle For Earth’

A brand new trailer for Ubisoft’s The Avengers: Battle For Earth was screened at San Diego Comic-Con this weekend, showing off a nice looking cinematic that features The Avengers team taking on both Dr. Doom and Super Skrull as the “Secret Invasion” begins!


Microsoft and Ubisoft have announced the long-awaited return of operative Sam Fisher at Microsoft’s E3 press conference as they rolled out a live demo for Splinter Cell Blacklist.

The demo started off with a man dressed in Middle Eastern attire who appears to be carrying a wounded man towards several tents. After arriving inside one of these tents, he then proceeds to place the wounded man down on a table in front of three other individuals before rapidly (and silently) executing the group.

Who is this mysterious man? Why Sam Fisher, of course.

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