Full-Length Trailer Released For ‘Under The Dome’ TV Series

CBS has released a new full-length trailer for Under The Dome, the small screen adaptation of Stephen King’s bestselling science fiction novel first published in 2009. The first episode of the series is written by Brian K. Vaughan and will be directed by Niels Oplev Arden (Girl with the Dragon Tattoo), telling the story a small American town that suddenly finds itself surrounded by a strange and other-worldly invisible dome that effectively isolates the town from the rest of the world.

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Robert Kirkman Excited For Re-Imagining ‘The Walking Dead’ TV Show

The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman recently spoke with MTV about the excitement he has for being able to re-work the original storylines found in the comics to branch out into different directions for the current television series. In particular, Kirkman talks about how the character of Shane has greatly influenced the direction of the TV show when compared to the character’s original storyline in the comic book series.

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