Building Worlds in CounterSpy



Greetings, Dynamites!

My name is Bob Archibald, and i’m a Senior 3D Artist at Dynamighty.

I’ve been responsible for building and lighting all of CounterSpy’s levels in which you’ll soon be covertly neutralizing enemy threats.  My job puts me right at the nexus of art and design… where the magic happens.  I work closely with designers to create spaces that serve as a stage for exciting gameplay opportunities, while ensuring that the setting also tells a story, and maintains consistency with the established art direction.

Most of my day has me pushing polygons around in Maya (our 3d modeling package), arranging spaces in Unity (our level editor), and painting textures in Photoshop. It’s really fun stuff!  

So, today I wanted talk you through a bit of our process for creating these spaces, and also some challenges we’ve faced when creating levels…

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Half-Life 2 Zero-Point Energy Field Manipulator Prop Replica by NECA

The Zero Point Energy Field Manipulator (ZPEFM), is a full size 1:1 model of the tractor beam type weapon featured in the Half Life video games and used by Gordon Freeman. The replica is created directly from the digital data supplied by Valve and is fully accurate and authentic to the in-game model. The ZPEFM is nearly 2 feet in length and features glowing orange LEDs, 2 handles, 2 triggers, and 4 unique sounds directly from the game. As a bonus, a carefully concealed fold away kick-stand allows you to display your device on the shelf or desktop when not in use.


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